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2nd century

By the river Tagus, just as you leave Peraleda and head for Bohonal de Ibor, you will discover one of the best Roman temples in Spain, despite being almost totally unknown. Its state of preservation is impressive. The base of the building is intact, as well as the porch, made of 6 columns and crowned by a stone arch which shows its oriental influence.

The temple was built in the 2nd century and it was probably dedicated to Diana, goddess of the moon. It was part of the forum in the Roman city of Augustobriga, which lies today under the waters of a modern reservoir.

The temple was moved to its present location to preserve it from destruction, together with three columns from the temple of Jupiter, in the same forum, which can now be seen a few metres away.

The name of Los Mármoles (the marbles) sounds strange when we see it is entirely made of granite stones, and not marble. There is a simple explanation though, in Roman times it was all coated in white stucco imiating marble, and though that covering disappear centuries ago, the name stuck in through the centuries. If you look at it closely you can still see rests of the original stucco lingering in some parts. This digital reconstruction uses all the progress that have been made in understanding this monument to recreate it as faithfully as possible.







Escrito por Angel Castaño

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