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The Tagus Canyon is a natural landscape carved by the river Tagus for centuries while crossing the rocky walls of the Mounts of Toledo, shaping an amazing landscape full of surprises. The trip by boat is a pleasure for the senses in itself, but you will also be able to contemplate quite a deal of fauna: deer, eagles, vultures, and many other species that you will be discovering along the river until the canyon ends and the river opens into the vast inner sea of the Valdecañas reservoir, right in front of the Dolmen of Guadalperal.

As of today, there is just one company offering tours along the canyon. Contact them for reservations and also to ask about dates, since environmental protection laws only allow navigation along the canyon in certain periods of the year:

Valdecañas Multiaventura: 665 19 89 99

No photo can give you a right impression of what it feels like to cruise this canyon, but you may get some idea by looking at these photographs from our last trip:





Escrito por Angel Castaño

Apóyanos con tu firma para salvar el Dolmen de Guadalperal y también para salvar el retablo esgrafiado de Peraleda.

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